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The Orange door Preschool is the best pre-school in Kolkata, West Bengal The focus is on creating a child friendly learning environment so that each child learns in a manner where they are happy with their mind, body and spirit. The Orange door Pre-school are very special in the development of a child. During this time the child is beginning to acquire the basic capabilities and require exceptional understanding and support The Orange door Pre-school is the Best play school in Kolkata even play offers serious lessons. It is well established that during the early years of development, play is a key element of learning. This is the beginning of education Preschool activities cannot and should not be random. The curriculum is designed keeping in mind the role of each activity to guide the child in the exploration. Each day is filled with fun activities that excite and help the child develop both cognitively and socially. Our unique curriculum helps your child learn through hands-on activities and state-of-the-art materials that develop confidence, self-esteem, and a love for knowledge. We provide specialized learning environments everything we do is designed for learning. and montessori, preschool, pre school, pre primary, primary, day care, child care, multiple intelligence

TOD Activity Centre

Sports – Kickstarters

The sports program offers a multi-sport and life skills training program. A total of six sports are covered: basketball, cricket, football, tennis, hockey & badminton. The sport is typically changed every two weeks so that the child always gets to learn something new and becomes well rounded. This also helps the child identify the sport they enjoy the most and naturally good at.

For ages 2.5 to 8 year. 90 minutes class. Once/twice a week.

Story Telling – Little Readers’ Nook (Mumbai)

Our weekly story sessions go far beyond storytelling or book reading, delving deep into story books to develop a child’s Vocabulary, Oral Communication, Comprehension, Language Concepts, Emotional Intelligence and Creative Thinking.

For ages 3 to 6 years. 60 minutes class. Once a week.

Speech, Communication & Etiquette – Room to Bloom

This class will groom your child to be sophisticated, well presented, informed and confident whether it’s speaking, writing or simply presenting themselves in public.

For ages 4 to 12 years. 60 minutes class. Once a week.

Robotics – Science & Engineering

“How do they work?”, “How are they built?”, “How can Robots do things like humans?” So many questions…
Our goal is to familiarize your kid to the world of Applied Science. We help kids design, build and program their Robots. Kids will be involved in many technical activities facilitating Mathematics, Biology, Engineering, Electronics, Information Technology, and Science in their routines as well.

For ages 7 and above. 60 minutes class. Once a week.