“Orange is the happiest color” - Frank Sinatra

The colour orange is a symbol of positive energy, creativity and imagination. We welcome you to open The Orange Door and step into our world where imaginations are brought to life.

Learning helps one grow and develop. It is through learning, one adjusts and adapts to an ever-changing and demanding world. Children have the innate ability to learn naturally. They only need to be shown “How to learn, understand and express”.

At The Orange Door we aim to:

  • Encourage children to become authors of their own unique learning stories
  • Enable children to be independent thinkers and problem solvers
  • Present learning opportunities to observe, explore, and inquire freely
  • Facilitate minds to draw real world connections and recognize patterns with logic and creativity
  • Fuel imaginations by encouraging freedom of expression through art
  • Provide a stimulating and engaging environment to facilitate and encourage joyful learning
  • Promote an open-ended and fluid pedagogy where learning is unrestricted and not dictated by achievements
  • Develop strong bodies, open minds, passionate hearts