Program Levels

Our programs are designed keeping in mind your child's age and ability to absorb information.

In their early years, children make great developmental strides and need a lot of attention. Our teachers are always there to provide such support. The children are settled in a caring and happy environment where they feel safe to explore their curiosity. We help create consistency and routine by focusing on group activities and plenty of outdoor activities apart from the basics of literacy, numeracy, art among others. We ensure that your child is provided with ample academic challenges with equal focus on physical fitness. The programs are structured to have a fine balance between fun and development.

Eventually, we prepare the children such that they are confident and capable, and their transition to primary school is a smooth process.

Explorers - Playgroup (1.5 Years - 2.5 Years)

Dreamers - Nursery (2.5 Years - 3.5 Years)

Discoverers - Kindergarten 1 (3.5 Years - 4.5 Years)

Creators - Kindergarten 2 (4.5 Years+)